Your child will have the chance to explore many different sporting activities at HawleyHurst

We’ve been successful in the ISA nationals in swimming, athletics, football, netball and judo. Our pupils include skiers, riders, traceurs, archers, ice hockey players, runners and more. You’ll even find people trying their hand at ultimate frisbee.

Sports we cover currently are cross country, rugby, football, netball, swimming and striking and fielding. We have specialist coaches who teach netball, football, rugby, swimming and strength & conditioning.

Real life is competitive, and so are our sports days. Competition does not have to be against each other, it can be celebrating a personal best.

On the other hand, if your child simply wants to try a new sport, we’ll do everything we can to encourage them.

Phoenix Football Academy chose me to represent England for the Gothia Cup in Sweden this summer, which is really exciting. School has helped me with my fitness, running and training. I want to become a professional eventually.
— Zuhair, Year 11
This year I qualified for the British dressage regionals. I
love everything about it, but I’ve learned that some days won’t be perfect. Sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you won’t. It’s about understanding failure and how to come back from that.
— Chloe, Year 10