Creativity is fundamental to the life of our school

Music at HawleyHurst is a holistic combination of curricular and extra-curricular activities which stimulate and maintain pupil curiosity, interest and enjoyment in music. We seek to empower our talented and enthusiastic students through mentoring by music staff who are professional and dedicated.

Class music lessons for all ages are taught by our music teachers in the music rooms where a wide range of instruments and equipment are to hand. The curriculum, from nursery through pre-prep and prep school to the senior department, is designed for continuity and progression. Staff enable students to take greater ownership of their learning by expecting high standards of achievement and by encouraging student participation. We teach through a topic based approach which develops performing, composing and listening skills through a variety of classical, popular and world music genres. At GCSE level, our results are consistently high and many of our students continue further with their musical studies. In addition to their music lessons, all students from nursery to Year 7 take part in a weekly singing session. We encourage every student’s singing voice to be heard and valued both musically and as part of who they are. Music staff are concerned not only with a child’s musical development but also with their whole development including their well-being and health, and their social and emotional maturity; all of which can be boosted by involvement and enjoyment of musical activities, particularly singing.

There’s always so much music going on at school, from ukulele clubs to choirs. When I played Annie in the West End and in Canada, the school was really supportive, making sure I kept up with my work.
— Ruby, Year 9

Extra-curricular musical activities are a very important to us. Pre-prep, prep and senior students all have the opportunity to participate in one of our many instrumental or choral groups. Our annual performances include carol services and nativities, instrumental and vocal recitals, and annual music concerts which take place onsite in our halls or beautiful school grounds, or in our local church or theatre. Students are fully committed to their music activities and they achieve an excellent standard of performance. Regular trips to concerts are enjoyed by senior students, particularly those studying GCSE Music. Performances in our local community, and in our twin towns in France and Germany, not only develop excellence in performing but also a greater cultural and citizenship understanding.

Individual music lessons with our team of experienced Specialist Music staff are an additional opportunity which is available to all students for a termly fee. Tuition takes place in our four practice rooms and is offered in voice, woodwind, strings, piano, drum kit, acoustic and electric guitar and bass guitar. With personalised tuition, our students grow in skill and confidence and many achieve success in graded music exams.

Participation in music develops personal and social skills and is well regarded by universities and employers. At HawleyHurst each student’s contribution is valued and talents are shared in a friendly and supportive learning environment where learning is exciting and fun.