Introducing Forest Lodge

HawleyHurst is delighted to announce the opening ‘Forest Lodge” (opening September 2019), a new COIN Resource for children from 2 – 6 years old on the Autism Spectrum or with Communication and Interaction Needs.

Forest Lodge embraces both a SPELL Framework along with TEACCH Strategies to offer a structured, low arousal environment to reduce anxiety, and facilitate learning and communication in children where early intervention is of paramount importance.

Our aim is to encourage communication through the use of Low Tech Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

As well as offering a high staff ratio, pupils will also receive Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy on site. Furthermore, we also welcome children following their own ABA programme accompanied by their ABA Tutors.

If and where appropriate, pupils will also be offered the opportunity with support, to join selected mainstream lessons with the hope that in time pupils will access mainstream education with increasing regularity.

For more information or to discuss your child’s individual requirements, please call 01276 587190 or email