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Bursaries and Scholarships

We offer bursaries for Senior School students only. The school is committed to providing access to a HawleyHurst education to those whose circumstances may mean they cannot afford the full fees, or for those whose circumstances may change once their child is a pupil at the school. A bursary is a form of financial assistance that is means-tested, based on parental income. Bursaries are not dependent on academic ability but are awarded to pupils who are likely to gain most from a HawleyHurst education and who will contribute fully to the life of the school. Unlike many of independent schools HawleyHurst is not a Registered Charity so bursary funds are very limited, we recommend that applications for bursaries are made either before or at the same time as registration. Bursaries can only be considered prior to the school offering a place.

All bursaries are awarded at the Head Teacher’s discretion. All applicants for bursaries are required to disclose, in confidence, their financial details on a Bursary Application Form. When making an assessment the school will take into account some or all of the following: household income, savings, benefits, equity in property, other income and assets, outgoings. The application process may include a home visit and an interview. Bursaries are offered for the duration of the pupil’s education but are reviewed on an annual basis.

We also offer Academic, Art, Dance and Sport Scholarships for entry into Year 7.

For further enquiries about our bursaries and scholarships please contact our admissions team here.