About the Senior School

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Our Senior School takes pupils from their early teens through to their Advance Level studies, in a strongly supportive family environment, permitting full focus on study.

We combine first-class teaching with unusually high levels of individual care and attention in enviably small classes. This is supported by a school ethos which encourages and rewards effort, achievement and good behaviour. Our examination results are impressive. We provide every student with a rounded education, catering for their own needs and abilities, developing their widest interests and strengths and enabling them to develop into a confident, happy, and successful young adult.

We give the broadest opportunities for academic learning and for developing strong life skills. We provide a broad curriculum with a combination of solid, core academic subjects, specialised and relevant expertise in creative arts, computer science and languages, and a fully integrated programme of sports, environmental education and extra-curricular activities.

We believe that a good education fosters and values courtesy and manners. Our community activities also give our pupils many valuable experiences, helping them to make informed choices about the next stage of their education.