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There is no such thing as a typical HawleyHurst student. We are a non-selective Independent School taking boys and girls from two to nineteen offering exceptional and diverse teaching to support children and make their time at school happy and productive. Children will have their curiosity stimulated and encouraged as they take every opportunity to learn and reach their intellectual potential. We aim to create an environment that stimulates them to flourish, stretch themselves and dream on the start of a life-long journey to success.

At HawleyHurst your child has the space and the time to explore, experiment and test themselves to reveal their unique talents. We want to create independent thinkers, who will go out into the world of work as responsible confident citizens, leaders and team players. We want our pupils to be able to make decisions and take the right risks so that they can help make the world a better place.


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Why we love it here


Arkar, Year 5

“We dissected a pig’s heart and eyeball. It was so cool, it was amazing. We cut the eyeball open and there was this clear gloop inside. I have the best teacher in the world, Miss Jacob.”


Charlie, Year 3

“In Forest School, at the end of term we had a fire and Nutella and s’mores. It was really good.”


Ellie, Year 9

“All the teachers are approachable, no one’s scary. They care about us and when you’re in lessons they listen to everyone. If there’s an issue you can always find someone not far away who understands you.”


What makes us

stand out

Sometimes success springs from a brilliant mistake. We instil your child with the confidence to try new things, so they can discover their unique talents and experience the joy of learning.

Our flexible creative and academic framework gives space for talent to flourish. We have children who are competing at sport at a national level and others who are performing in the West End.

If there’s something your child loves doing, whether it’s sport, acting or dancing, we’ll support that interest alongside their academic studies. Who knows where that passion could lead one day?

When you visit HawleyHurst you’ll see children of all ages playing together and learning from each other. It’s all part of our whole school philosophy where we encourage friendships across all ages. We achieve this through whole school events, mentoring and participation in House competitions and across school activities.


Our School Family

When you join the HawleyHurst family you will make lifelong friends. Family to us means: people who listen to you and love you; those who you can trust and confide in; those who you can laugh with and share your worries; those who will offer the support you need to thrive; those who will challenge and encourage you; those who disagree with you but accept and value you for who you are; and those who will celebrate your successes no matter what.


Victoria Smit, Head Teacher

“There isn’t a typical HawleyHurst student. Every child is an individual and that’s the way we like it. We offer exceptional teaching and support so that children enjoy their time at school and relish every opportunity to learn. Whatever they hope to achieve, we create an environment that helps them to flourish.”


Simmi Kalsi, Deputy Head

“I’m proud that we create independent thinkers, not followers, who go out into the workplace and become leaders with their own ethos. We want our pupils to know how to make decisions and take the right risks, so they can help make the world a better place for future generations.”


Jeni Kelly, Learning Support

“The focus is not about getting kids to fit into a particular box. It’s about helping them achieve what they’re capable of achieving, making them feel good, and building their confidence and self-esteem.”


Nicola Fereday, Year 4 Teacher

“I love watching children learn about science and the world around them by experimenting, discussing, sharing results and making sludge and slime. It’s about having fun and getting those little cogs whirring.”


Giving back

In addition to normal fundraising activities, we ask every child to put on a charity event while they’re at the school. And we don’t just mean washing cars or going on a five-mile run. They have to pitch their idea, research it and risk assess it, work out costs, organise publicity and motivate their team. If they’re organising a smoothie stall, they’ll need to understand food hygiene standards. If it’s a disco, they’ll need to source equipment and know about Performing Rights. This way, children build valuable entrepreneurial skills while they’re raising vital funds for their chosen charity.

Over the years our pupils have raised thousands of pounds for diverse charities.


Creating leaders of the future

We provide a real world education that gives your child an excellent grounding for the next stage of their journey.

We believe in creating rounded individuals who achieve academically and also develop their personal passions, whether they’re organising charity events, helping turtles return to the sea in Malaysia, competing in national and international events or performing on the West End Stage.

Your child will develop inner resilience, learn how to manage risk and solve problems. They will be a good team member who pulls their weight, and a leader who listens rather than dictates.

Careers are changing at lightning speed. Whatever the future holds for your child, we’ll make sure they’re equipped with the initiative to take charge of their own destiny.


Space to Explore,

Room To Breathe.

The Environment

We encourage children to respect the environment and learn about the links between eco-systems. We endeavour to create young men and women who will tread lightly on the earth and work towards ensuring a bright future for our planet and its inhabitants. We teach all our young people that we are part of the natural world and not apart from it, and totally dependent on it for our survival. Our approach to outdoor education is to amplify these observations with real experience of the world around us.

The world is changing fast. We want HawleyHurst children to be part of the solution.

Children love being out in the woods because it’s relaxed and fun. By climbing trees, building dens and lighting fires, they learn to take care of the environment
and manage risk.
— Alison Stubbs, Forest School Teacher

We’re delighted to have won a prestigious Gold ‘Green Tree Schools’ Award from The Woodland Trust. To gain the award, pupils planted trees, took environmental surveys in local woodland, and built a variety of bird boxes and hedgehog houses.

We stay conscious of our impact on the environment through Forest School, our Woodland Trust activities and visits to local ponds, waterways and the Eden Project.

HawleyHurst pupils make regular expeditions to the Eden Project, where they can explore the only rainforest in Cornwall, learn about bees and biodiversity, and study cocoa trees and chocolate.

The planet’s future lies in the hands of our children. It’s vital that they feel a part of nature, not apart from nature.
— Tim Smit, founder of the Eden Project

Freedom of expression

Whether through questioning, bizarre Art, extra-ordinary creativity or abstract philosophy, all students are encouraged to express their ideas and feelings openly whilst respecting each others rights to have differing opinions.

Practical Application

There is nothing more boring than sitting in a classroom starring at copious notes. Whenever possible teachers are encouraged to make their lessons practical and show the applications in real life of what they are teaching.