HawleyHurst is a school that aspires to provide its young people with both the qualifications and the education to prepare them for the world they will enter when they leave our nurturing environment.

The demands of the 21st Century are increasingly challenging to schools and the young people and parents they serve. The certainties of career direction and the job opportunities which existed thirty years ago, no longer exist. Whilst the pursuit of academic results alone can create highly qualified young people, we want to ensure that all pupils are capable of demonstrating the adaptability and resilience required in a world where creativity and innovation are the most prized assets.

At HawleyHurst we aspire to provide each student with the ability to attain their potential by providing them with the best academic teaching and a variety of environments from which they will expand their horizons. To be clear, we expect our young people to study hard and to achieve the best academic results of which they are capable, but we also will be encouraging them to experience
the widest range of educational opportunities that will develop their spirit of enquiry, stimulate their creativity, realise their individuality and also understand the positive power of teamwork. In short, a HawleyHurst student will be a rounded, thoughtful person.

They will be emotionally intelligent, understand when to be assertive and when to listen and, most importantly, approach the world they will be entering with delight rather than fear.
HawleyHurst puts an emphasis on the study of the natural world, and the next thirty years will be marked by a return to innovation inspired by nature. The school’s family owners have, among their interests, The Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Eden Project, both in Cornwall. It is the intention that HawleyHurst students should have access to learning and work experiences in these inspiring places, understanding both how the businesses work and why what they demonstrate is important. We believe this will provide another powerful strand that sets HawleyHurst apart from other schools.

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