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We are committed to supporting our pupils at all times. For those pupils moving to our new home, this will be achieved safely and happily, with the minimum of disruption to the teaching and learning environment.

There will be a familiarisation visit and a Welcome booklet. Miss Smit will hold an assembly at Hurst Lodge this term to display images of the school and explain how it works.

When the new term begins all children will attend an orientation event. If your child currently receives support, this will be provided by current Hurst Lodge staff. Further continuity will be provided through close connections with their current peer group and existing staff members.

Yes, your child will continue to receive the current level of support.

We will endeavour to ensure that support will continue to be delivered by the same staff member. We also look forward to having new staff on our support team bringing new skills and ideas.

HawleyHurst will still be a small school, given the wide age range. The guideline size for classes will remain the same at 18 pupils per class. We will be putting in place similar arrangements to those we have at present in order to ensure that pupils are comfortable and secure in their surroundings. While there will be new faces and spaces there will also be familiar ones, staff who know your children and who are able to help and support them while they settle.

An increase in numbers for each cohort will provide greater social opportunities and the ability to increase our offer of activities during and after school. Both the Junior and Senior Schools have their own outside areas and lunchtimes are staggered.

HawleyHurst offers a variety of break and lunchtime clubs. This will provide even greater opportunities and structure for our pupils whilst ensuring that both the separate Junior and Senior outside areas do not become overcrowded.

The two schools which have come together to form HawleyHurst have very similar aims and ethos.

HawleyHurst will continue to offer a broad curriculum and at GCSE level we are delighted to be able to offer two learning routes, either academic or vocational. This will increase opportunities for all our pupils.

With a larger cohort, pupils will have the opportunity for increased social interaction whilst being supported by their known friends and staff from Hurst Lodge. They will be supported further by initially remaining in the same class as they currently are. HawleyHurst will provide many more social opportunities for all pupils in their classwork, their play and through extra-curricular clubs. The support staff will be dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible.

Our pupils are well known by the staff that work with them and care for them. This will not change.

There is a high ratio of staff to pupils at HawleyHurst, and both the Junior and Senior Schools have their own distinct areas.

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