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Hurst Lodge is a leasehold property, situated in a green belt location, limiting both it’s growth and the introduction of new facilities. The owners have been searching for a freehold property, to ensure security of tenure, and are delighted to have acquired Hawley Place. The schools are only a short distance apart, and will merge on the Hawley Place site in time for the January 2018 term.

We have been anxious to share this information with you as early as possible.

It would have been irresponsible of us to cause uncertainty by speculating about a possible merger until it became certain.

The staff of the newly combined school will be ready to welcome all of our pupils in January.

We have advised you of the merger as soon as we had absolute certainty. This is later than we had hoped due to legal issues. Hurst Lodge is unable to stay at its current location as the lease is coming to an end. The Smit family have been searching for a suitable local alternative, and had the opportunity to purchase Hawley Place, which had to be acted upon quickly, to ensure maximum stability for both school cohorts.

The following opportunities will benefit either or both sets of pupils:

  • From September 2018 the opportunity for either academic or vocational route at GCSE.
  • Additional sporting activities, including floodlit football/hockey pitch and all-weather tennis court.
  • Arts curriculum – including Art, Textiles, Photography, Graphics and Resistant Materials at GCSE and A Level. BTEC Level 4 – Foundation year degree level. ISA and local Arts festivals
  • Languages programme – French and Spanish at GCSE.
  • An enhanced Performing Arts curriculum that will encompass:
  • Dance – RAD Ballet, ISTD Modern, Tap, Jazz, Street and Ballroom to professional levels. Dance taught at GCSE and A level and including vocational qualifications
  • Music – A full range of instrumental classes; Choir and ensemble groups; and GCSE and A level qualification
  • Drama – LAMDA, productions by visiting directors, GCSEs, BTEC and A levels. ISA Drama competitions and festivals


  • Environmental education – Forest School and a range of initiatives
  • Growth of the STEM programme that encourages Sciences, Technology and Maths
  • A wider range extra-curricular activity across all age ranges.
  • An opportunity to commence A level study in Year 11
  • A bespoke A Level programme
  • A choice of academic or vocational routes in the Senior School. ( From September 2018 those choosing Options will be able to follow either academic or vocational routes depending on their strengths and interests.)
  • Double form entry ensuring increased opportunity for social interaction.
  • Wider opportunities for school trips, both locally and abroad, due to the enhanced student cohort

We are committed to supporting our pupils at all times. For those pupils moving to our new home, this will be achieved safely and happily, with the minimum of disruption to the teaching and learning environment.

There will be a familiarisation visit and a Welcome booklet.

When the new term begins all children will attend an orientation event. If your child currently receives support, this will be provided by current Hurst Lodge staff. Further continuity will be provided through close connections with their current peer group and existing staff members.

The age range of the school will increase as HawleyHurst will now accept students from 2 to 19 years.

The guideline for the number of pupils in a class is 18, maintaining our commitment to small class sizes. There will be a 2-3 form entry in the Junior School and 3-4 form entry in the Senior School. The combined school will be circa 450. Our outstanding pastoral care and family values will remain paramount.

Pupils will remain with their friendship groups wherever possible. We recognise that this is particularly important for those pupils who will be transitioning to the new site. Everyone will have the opportunity to develop wider friendships amongst their peers through opportunities to work together and to socialise, as well as organised bonding events.

Year 10 and 11 in both schools will follow the same curriculum in their existing cohorts. They will also have the opportunities to mix socially with the other classes.

Initially, students will continue to wear their existing uniform.  The transition period between wearing the existing uniform and purchasing the new uniform will be between January 2018 and September 2019.

One V-neck or round neck Navy blue jumper in the new school colours with logo will be provided free-of-charge to all pupils during the January term. A blue cardigan will be available for those in Year 6 and below. Those choosing V-neck must also wear a school tie which is Hurst Lodge blue and Hawley Place red.

The sports kit will focus on the distinctive Hawley colours.

From the January term 2018, a new uniform will become available which will be based on the current bespoke Hurst Lodge uniform and will include the new Navy blue jumper described above. Culottes will replace skirts by September 2019. The aim is to offer a single uniform to create a new identity and instil a sense of pride.

The full uniform list is available here.

The school will be owned and run by the Smit family, with Miss Smit as the Principal. Mr Stone will remain as Headmaster with our joint Senior Leadership Team in pivotal roles.

Our combined staff will work together on the new site.

The school day will alter slightly to accommodate new developments in the curriculum and the increased roll. Drop off will be available from 7.50 am. Breakfast will be available from 7.30 am.

The school timings:

Pre Prep School: 8.25 – 3.40pm see example timetable

Junior School: 8.25 – 3.40pm see example timetable

Senior School: 8.25 – 4.05pm see example timetable

HL Year 9 – 13 will have the same classes.

HP Year 9 will commence GCSE Options

Year 10 and 11 will remain with their existing cohorts following their current curriculum. Year 9 HL students will continue with their existing option choices. Year 9 Hawley students will have the opportunity to commence GCSEs early. The options will be made available to pupils in December.

Our school HawleyHurst will be situated on the current Hawley Place site.

The school is located in 16 acres of beautiful woodland on the border of Surrey and Hampshire. This is approximately 8 miles from the Hurst Lodge setting.

Fernhill Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey, GU17 9HU

It will be possible for your child to take advantage of a new multi-route bus service. Please see transport details.

Alternatively the school is easily accessed and has good car parking facilities.

Facilities include:

  • Brand new purpose built dining room
  • A new science and cookery block
  • Modern, newly renovated Junior Classrooms with upgraded toilet facilities
  • Freshly resurfaced Junior hard play areas
  • Floodlit tennis courts and football pitch,  extensive playing fields
  • New car park facilities
  • New studio and classroom block currently under construction

HawleyHurst is a mainstream school and welcomes students with a range of abilities. All students must comfortably be able to access the curriculum. Entrance examinations for Senior School entry in September 2018 are due in January 2018 or have taken place at Hurst Lodge. Future admissions criteria will be published once the current admissions round is complete.

There will be a continued focus on academic excellence alongside the holistic development of all our pupils. All pupils are expected to access our curriculum and take between 8 and 11 GCSEs plus 3 or 4 A levels or Vocational exams. In Core subjects, students may follow with an Academic or Vocational route in Years 9, 10 and 11. English and Maths may be taken a year only.

Yes. We will be accommodating all current options and have exciting opportunities to increase our GCSE and A level option offers in September.

Senior staff have put together a transition plan to ensure that we are able to safely and happily transfer Hurst Lodge pupils to the new site with the minimum of disruption to the teaching environment. Teachers will be supporting all pupils through the change, whether they are new to the site or are getting used to the new members of the school. The focus on excellent pastoral care will not change.

We plan to amalgamate staff from both schools.

Please contact the school to make an appointment with a member of the Leadership team.

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