A Brief History of Hurst Lodge

Established in 1945 by Miss Doris Stainer, Hurst Lodge started as a small dance school in London. As the school grew and developed it moved, first to Sunningdale and then to its present site just outside Ascot.

From humble beginnings, Hurst Lodge has flourished. However, it has not lost touch with its roots and creative and performance arts are still an important part of the life of the school


A Brief History of Hawley Place

‘Hawley Place’ house was built for Sir Philip Currie in 1899 and was established as a school in 1953.

It started as a small day and boarding senior girls’ school called Lyndley. In 1967 the school was purchased by Mr and Mrs Street and became Cheswicks Court. They sold it to the Headmaster Reverend Ticehurst in 1971 who renamed it Hawley Place School, after it’s original Victorian name.

Mrs Nash became Headmistress in 1975 and purchased the school in 1977. She then sold the school in 1985 to Mr and Mrs Cornwell-Menzies. They introduced a small prep class for Year 5 and 6 girls and a small Nursery School.

In 1991 they sold the school to Mr and Mrs Pipe who, in 1993, created a small mixed Reception Class of 6 pupils, known as ‘The Famous Six’, two of which went on to become the Head and Deputy Head Girl.

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